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The jbead software (successor to the DB-BEAD software) is a bead rope crochet design software. It is free to download and use.

Download latest release:

Download jbead 1.0.23 for Windows

Download jbead 1.0.25 for Mac OS X

Download jbead 1.0.23 for Linux

Please have a look at the Releasenotes to see what has changed or is new in this version.

As jbead is written in Java, it requires that Java is installed on your computer. If you start jbead and no Java can be found, a web browser will open and you will need to download and install Java on your computer. (In the Mac OS X release, java is already bundled and does not need to be installed separately.)

On newer versions of Mac OS X you might get a message that the file is damaged. This message is not correct. You can use jbead by opening "Apple > System Preferences > Security & Privacy" and selecting "Anywhere" for the Option "Allow applications downloaded from:".

You can get more information about this here.

All releases including older ones