JBead (deutsch)

About JBead

The JBead software is a bead rope crochet design tool. It can be freely downloaded and used. It is open source sofware, licensed under the GPLv3 license.


Release 1.0.25

  • (mac OS only) use latest java and include it in download file

Release 1.0.23

  • Ensure correct file extension is used (.jbb or .dbb)
  • Fix missing overwrite warning if file extension is automatically added
  • Fix support for color alpha channel on java 7

Older Changes

Release 1.0.22

  • Add support for bead symbols
  • Add flags for bead colors and bead symbols
  • Restore panel visibility when loading file
  • Restore zoom setting when loading file
  • Fix problem with arranging when pattern was scrolled down
  • Only ask once daily about upgrade to new version
  • More infos in Techinfos Dialog

Release 1.0.21

  • Improve integration into Finder on Mac OS X
  • Check for updates when program starts
  • Add preferences dialog with author and organization fields
  • Add preferences flag to suppress update check at program start

Release 1.0.20

  • Fixed partial printing of bead lists
  • Improve linux starter script to resolve symbolic links

Release 1.0.19

  • Fixed issue with color repeat calculation
  • Add update check feature

Release 1.0.18

  • Fixed the Mac OS X release
  • Fixed some bugs with recalculating the bead infos

Release 1.0.17

  • First public release

jbead is licensed under the General Public License version 3 or any later version. This means basically that you can use the software freely.


Open Source

The source code is available on github.



Please send any suggestions, bug reports, comments to the following email address: